• Fintech & Payments
    Association of Ireland

The trade association for financial technology
and payments businesses in Ireland

The FPAI represents fintech and payments business in Ireland to develop the regulatory,
commercial and community ecosystem in which they operate.

Founding Members

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Ensuring that an open and constructive dialogue is maintained, that businesses at all stages are engaged in the issue of regulation and that best practices are shared across the industry.


Engaging with a wide spectrum of investors, accelerators, startups and established businesses to facilitate and showcase innovation and opportunity.


Developing and maintaining a thriving ecosystem of talent and expertise in fintech and payments through communication, networking, training and events.


Fintech & Payments Association of Ireland (FPAI)

The FPAI was formed in 2015 from a merger of several interest groups in the fintech and payments industry in Ireland. These groups include both Payments Ireland and the Fintech Ireland Community Group.

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